For the past several years, the focus of building for many homebuilders has been finding a way to manage processes as efficiently as possible. In order to achieve this high level of productivity, many builders turned to technology. Now, as the economy is beginning to rebound, new solutions are coming to market, which will allow builders to prepare for the uptick.

One of the big trends for homebuilders in the past few years has been moving to cloud-based applications, as it helps to offset many of the costs in IT departments. From applications such as email, to bidding, to project management, many builders have moved such technology systems to the cloud.

Now, there is another new cloud-based solution to consider for CRM (customer-relationship management). Builder Designs,, Olathe, Kan., has launched Builder Cloud, a new interactive lead-generation tool consumers can use to find builders, communities, and new homes. To lead the initiative, Builder Designs is bringing on industry expert Erik Cofield to guide the Builder Cloud team and product launch. Erik’s 20-plus years of technology and residential construction experience will help to support rollout of these products to the homebuilder market.

Historically, Builder Designs has focused efforts on Website design and search-engine optimization for homebuilders in North America. Builder Designs will enable homebuilders to provide pertinent content for consumers as they begin their search for new homes.

Builder Cloud has been in beta testing with a few hundred builders, but will now be offered throughout the United States initially, then internationally.

As most homebuilder know, the majority of homebuyers begin the search for new home on the Web, and a cloud-based lead-generation tool can help homebuilders gain exposure and sell homes quickly. While this is one new example, there are a number of solutions available to homebuilders to improve CRM in construction.