In the February 2011 issue of Constructech, the topic of green building was brought to light, highlighting the fact that many major homebuilders are still not educating clients enough when it comes to the process of building a green home. While some homebuilders have started to improve their practices associated with green building, it’s safe to say that the industry can still invest more in energy efficiency.

Research for this article uncovered the fact some of the nation’s top homebuilders do not have strong online resources to educate buyers on building green. However, those that do have a strong resource of materials online are doing a good job at informing buyers about green appliances, building materials, and other data.

A little online assistance never hurt. This is precisely what one major appliance maker is offering to builders and remodelers when it comes to home options. provides builders and remodeling professionals with online access to a wide variety of information on different appliances and other options for the home. Without the need to register, these professionals have access to a stable of different online tools to help them through the process of offering varying options within their projects.

“With this launch, we have created a public Website that caters exclusively to our builders and trade partners, and further reinforces our commitment to maintaining our position as the No.1 supplier of major appliances to U.S. homebuilders,”says Maggie Kassebaum, manager, customer contacts, GE Appliance and Lighting,, Louisville, Ky.

For example, a “brochure wizard” can be used to create a customized project brochure for customers. In addition, visitors also have access to GE’s product library, by model number or category with full admittance to complete model specifications, including photos and dimensions, as well as ‘quick specs’ and installation instructions.

Focusing on the energy efficient options for the home, the GE Website also features a ‘Think Globally, Build Smart’ section. Here customers are able to choose from products that are more energy efficient, and includes a link to ENERGY STAR-qualified models, plus information about GE’s ecomagination Homebuilder Program, Nucleus energy manager with Brillion technology, and GeoSpring hybrid water heater.

Efforts such as the one from GE are just part of the solution–builders need to also be doing their part to promote green throughout the build process.