In an era where data is rapidly becoming more accessible and available, builders find themselves in an enviable position. The ability to capture and analyze data has never been easier, and today’s technology provides some powerful tools on this front.

Systems like scheduling and project management are helping on the production front, but a few builders are finding value in the data prior to the beginning of a project. Sales and CRM (customer-relationship management) data can provide valuable insights into customers and prospects—data that can be rapidly transformed into information that becomes highly critical throughout the course of a project.

For example, SmartTouch Interactive,, Austin, Texas, recently announced two builders have signed up for its full spectrum CRM platform. It is another sign that homebuilders are looking at technology as a means to help with sales and marketing efforts as the market rebounds.

Savvy Homes,, Raleigh, N.C., which prides itself on building energy-conscious homes in 30 communities throughout North Carolina and Alabama, and Rotelle Development Co.,, Barto, Pa., which builds custom and semi-custom homes, are the two builders that have signed on with SmartTouch Interactive.

For Savvy Homes, the technology provides an automated complement to the internal efforts already being used on the sales and market front. “The SmartTouch Platform gives us realtime data that allows us to quickly respond to inquiries from prospective clients,” says Jim Swingle, vice president, sales and marketing, Savvy Homes. “We can track our prospects through the buying cycle, and provide them with the right information at the right time, helping them to make the best possible decisions.”

Swingle adds that having all the marketing and sales activity reside in a single database has increased marketing efficiency for the company and has shown proven results.

In the case of Rotelle Development Co., the builder is using the platform for lead management and reporting, as well as to leverage automated lead nurturing and lead scoring. This happens through integration between the SmartTouch product and the builder’s Website.

As described by Alan Daniel, CEO and cofounder, SmartTouch Interactive, today’s housing market necessitates being able to quickly respond to client inquiries with personalized information. He believes having such technology allows his company to deliver as such. In addition, having access to tracking and reporting capabilities help with analysis of the sales results.