Oftentimes, one size does not fit all when it comes to construction software. While generic construction technology solutions are applicable in some cases, you have other instances where specialty contractors could benefit from having a solution tailored to their specific market.

We see this trend more in the specialty contractor market, with products that target specific pain points for these contractors. Such products include estimating, costing, and materials-purchasing solutions that are custom built for a specific market.

Take RCSi MateriaList from Roofing Contractors Solutions, www.rcsi.us.com, Bothell, Wash., for example. Using this product, roofing contractors can ensure they are working with an accurate list of roofing construction materials required for their project. Materials and components are listed by amount for a specific project, and are generated by roof drawings created in RCSi’s proprietary roof drawing tool, RCSi Estimator.

Using the Estimator product, roofers can draw a roof from the ground or on the roof, and incorporate all components and aspects of the roofing project. Each element of the roof drawn becomes the base for the user’s material list calculations. Such a tool can help complete more accurate estimates as the materials are generated directly from the drawing.

The RCSi MateriaList, offered in three platforms (standard, manufacturer-specific, and customized) becomes useful in that it allows the roofer to send an order instantly to suppliers. At-a-glance views show the scope of work for a specific job, complete with standardized material names, roof component measurements, and exact unit amounts to order from a supplier.

This product set is rather new to the market, but seems to be one to keep an eye on. The market for roofing contractors can get as unique as they come in construction. Even when you begin to separate out residential from commercial in this specialty market, you can make a case for needing a specialized solution. It will be interesting to see if others begin to pop up in this market, and ultimately how such products help improve the efficiencies of contractors in the long run.