Specialty training is always in high demand in the building industry. Residential construction and remodeling professionals are always looking for high-quality training tools that can help them perform and deliver better on their jobs.

For one, there is the Building Performance Workshop, www.buildingperformanceworkshop.com, Chicago, Ill., which provides solutions for home professionals. This includes builders, architects, and specialty contractors serving the residential market.

The Building Performance Workshop announced the release of APT Report. This is a modular, fully customizable, and affordable home performance reporting software built after handcrafting hundreds of reports for home performance analysis. The creator, Corbett Lunsford, developed the system in order to improve his own business efficiency and workflow. The system is now available to the public.

Using APT Reports, home performance professionals are able to provide clients with high quality reports including: air leakage and pressure testing, combustion and HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) analysis, utility bill analysis, and opportunities for improvement.

According to the company, APT Reports is designed to break down complex home performance diagnostic data into clear and comprehensible findings for clients. Each purchase includes more than two hours of self-paced online training for the software tool.