Have you found the right way to get the word out yet? In case you haven’t heard, branding is still vital to a business’s success, meaning construction companies that aren’t effectively building their marketing efforts or brand campaigns could be missing huge opportunities.

Truth be told, it’s still all about how you deliver a project; estimates need to be strong, budgets rock solid, and management and execution of the schedule on task, but before you even get to that point the client needs to know you are capable of such delivery.

Technology remains at the heart of client acquisition and retention efforts in construction, but perhaps there are some other simple methods—low-hanging fruit, if you will—that could make a big impact with little effort. Have you considered video?

James Hardie Building Products, www.jameshardie.com, Mission Viejo, Calif., is taking a unique approach to the matter. The company, which supplies siding, trim, and other accessory products to architects and builders, is featuring the Hardie Design Contest, which not only crowns two winners that exhibit the best use of their products in a construction project, but supplies the winners with the marketing material needed to echo this victory to the masses.

Architectural firms, along with project developers and even homeowners, are given the opportunity to showcase their best commercial and multifamily projects that feature fiber cement siding and panel products from James Hardie. The contest, which was announced at the 2013 American Institute of Architects Convention in Denver earlier this month, will have two winners—one for traditional and one for modern design.

Both winners will receive a complimentary video shoot profiling their project. The opportunity here is builders can use the videos on their own Website, feature them in presentations, or include them in other marketing materials. It goes a long way in helping these firms with regards to their own business promotion and branding efforts.

Architectural firms and project developers and owners are encouraged to submit photos of their U.S.-based commercial or multifamily project featuring James Hardie products online at JamesHardieCommercial.com/photos, from now until Aug. 20, 2013. Winners will be announced at the Multifamily Executive Conference in Las Vegas during September.

Leveraging the Web for branding and promotional efforts is nothing new. However, efforts such as this add a unique spin to such efforts, helping engage the customer with some added incentive to show off the work of a good partner. Brad King, business manager, multifamily/commercial, James Hardie, believes the video shoots, which include a videographer and post-production editing, will help the winners gain national exposure in a unique manner.

Besides, there is never an excuse not to jump at a chance to brand your business. In this case, builders may find a bit of assistance from one of their key partners in the process—the materials supplier.