Bidding technology is evolving. Technology providers are adding new functionality in the software in order to provide both general contractors and subcontractors with more features to enhance the overall bidding process.

For example, earlier this year, JB Knowledge Technologies’ SmartBidNet,, College Station, Texas, announced partnerships with,, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., and Cloud Takeoff from To Scale Software,, Cincinnati, Ohio. The fruits of these labors recently came to bear when JB Knowledge Technologies announced SmartBidNet Version 11 last Friday.

SmartBidNet is a Web-based bid-management, plan-file distribution, and prequalification system for commercial general contractors, providing users with a public registry of subcontractors.

In Version 11, SmartBidNet includes Jobsite123 integration, which means the Jobsite123 subcontractor database has been synced with the SmartBidNet registry of public subcontractors.

The new release of SmartBidNet also has new storage features for more secure backup and client retrieval; bids and bid projects have been renamed ‘project’ across the system; an added ‘no bid date’ option has been added for bid package; and several of the features for print orders have been revamped, among others.

In addition, integration with Cloud Takeoff is now live for all “Open to Bid” projects, meaning general contractors can perform takeoff operations while collaborating with subcontractors. The technology will allow users to edit, share, and comment on project documents. This will provide a new level of visibility between general contractors and subcontractors on active bids and projects.

The integration with Cloud Takeoff is a big step in the evolution of bidding technology. The ability for general contractors and subcontractors to increase collaboration during the takeoff process could provide big value to the project team.

In general the integration of bidding technology with other products is a big trend in the world of construction technology today.

Textura,, Deerfield, Ill., recently announced acquisitions of both and Submittal Exchange. The acquisitions will help position Textura as a complete solution from concept to construction. This includes incorporating’s bid-management capabilities for subcontractors and general contractors.

Patrick Allin, chairman and CEO of Textura says the applications represent the various processes that take place between subcontractors and general contractors, and the company plans to connect everything on one platform.

This trend toward more capabilities for bid management allows general contractors and subcontractors to reduce costs and complexities during the preconstruction phase. As technology providers ramp up partnerships and acquisition, this could prove valuable for the construction industry down the road.