Homebuyers want energy-efficient homes. More precisely, nine out of 10 buyers prefer to purchase a home with green features, according to a survey released last week from the NAHB (National Assn. of Homebuilders), www.nahb.org, Washington, D.C. Technology in the home, such as energy monitors and controls, can provide buyers with an eco-friendly home.

The survey from NAHB, “What Home Buyers Really Want,” unveils top concerns and priorities among homebuyers today, one of which is the desire to have energy-efficient homes. This is partly due to the fact these homes have permanently lower utility bills.

Home-automation technology can help by providing homebuyers with controls to better monitor and manage energy consumption. These days, homebuilders are more often including technology in homes to meet the desires of homebuyers.

In response to the survey, Destiny Homes, www.destiny-homes.com, Deephaven, Minn., also identifies a wish list of features home renovators and buyers are typically looking for in homes today. One of the top five is the desire to have wireless home security systems and whole-house electronics features offering entertainment, ease, and enjoyment.

These types of home-automation systems can also provide green features. For example, with space heating eating up roughly 45% of a homeowner’s utility bills, home energy controls can help save energy and reduce utility costs. More homebuilders, such as Destiny Homes, are offering technology such as this as a value-added, energy-efficient feature in the home.

Destiny Homes also suggests daylighting—or the practice of using natural light rather than internal lighting—as a way to reduce energy consumption in a home as well. While homes can be designed to take advantage of daylighting by placing windows in optimal positions, home controls can also assist by sensing lighting and then automatically turning lights on or off.

As more homebuyers want green features in homes, home-automation technology will inevitably find its way into more residences as a way to provide owners with controls to manage energy consumption throughout the home.