Today more and more construction companies are turning to construction cameras for clients to monitor and document progress, as camera solutions have evolved.

As one example, an OxBlue,, Atlanta, Ga., construction Webcam captured a roughly week-long Habitat for Humanity,, Blitz Build in Atlanta, Ga. With this in place, the public can witness the results firsthand. Access on OxBlue’s Website allows anyone from any location throughout the world to view high-resolution images and a high-definition instant time-lapse video of the project.

These OxBlue camera systems are used throughout a wide range of industries to improve how construction projects are managed and promoted.

What does the construction Webcam capture? Virtually every moment of construction—and it also continuously transmits high-resolution images using a cellular network. Using the construction camera interface, project team members can access realtime and archived images as well as high-definition time-lapse construction movies to monitor quality and progress remotely and to keep projects within budget and on schedule.

The Blitz Build demonstrates, on a most vivid level, how useful construction Webcams and the OxBlue construction camera interface are for tracking progress and promoting projects.

Additionally, archived images selected using the Visual Calendar—one of many features built into the construction camera interface—show at the end of the day on Friday, April 24, little more than concrete for the foundation and walkways had been poured. By mid-day the following Monday, exterior painting had begun, shingles covered most of the roof, and the front porch was getting a few finishing touches. Time stamps for every image clearly show when each work day started and ended.

While this is one example, construction cameras are becoming more widely used on project in order to keep a close eye on the jobsite.

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