Are we ready for BIM (building information modeling) standards? Some in the construction market believe the idea is definitely long overdue. As the processes and technologies associated with BIM aim to help increase efficiency on a construction project, allowing multiple parties access to project information, the idea with standards is to make the technology even more useful for workers.

Cuneco,, Copenhagen, Denmark, is dedicated to promoting productivity in the construction industry. The organization develops standards for construction, especially with regards digital cooperation. Cuneco is currently testing a new BIM classification it developed that could be used throughout the European Union, and possibly the world. The organization says the BIM classification can be adopted by any country.

According to Cuneco, the digitalization of project information is important because the disparate parts of the industry need to use a common language. This way, workers from various aspects of the project can understand each other. Cuneco is working to develop the CCS (Cuneco Classification System) which it hopes to implement by May 2014. CCS will replace the current Danish construction classification.

Right now, Cuneco is conducting field tests to determine how the CCS standards work with a number of BIM applications, including Autodesk Revit software. The organization says the tests will allow it to understand how CCS interacts with property data, information levels, and surveying rules.

The CCS standards are being tested using real construction projects, and Cuneco says a goal of the tests is to make sure the standards are applicable for IT integration. CCS tools allow designers to organize, manage, and exchange the BIM model information generated by the classification structure.

Cuneco says software vendors are working to implement the new standard into their BIM technologies. By providing a framework for construction information to be easily exchanged and managed, standards in the industry contribute to a more efficient and cost-effective work environment.