In the last few weeks, we have embarked on a blog series, looking at general technology trends, the digital infrastructure needed, and specific technologies that will impact construction. We have also explored what the worker and customer wants and how that influences construction, with a focus last week on cities of the future. Today, let’s narrow in on the home of the future.

Engineering data, schedules, enterprise data, control and sensor data, GIS (geographic information systems), LiDAR: There is a veritable data tsunami that is happening in businesses these days, and construction and engineering companies are now tasked with harnessing all this data, which comes at the same time as the new Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Enter digital twins, which are able to not only reign in the data, but will also enable contractors and engineers to make better and faster decisions. Let’s explore.

Last week, we dove into the concept of TX (total experience), looking at how higher digital expectations from customers are driving innovations in multiple industries. For construction, this has big implications, especially with the recently passed infrastructure bill. How do we create a better user experience in cities and with infrastructure? How do we offer greater connectivity and insights? How do we create a better and more connected city?

How are industries recovering from the fallout that has surrounded the COVID-19 pandemic? This is something I am exploring over on Connected World this month and wanted to dig into the topic here on Constructech as well. Here are the two big questions at hand: what is the state of the construction industry today and how does technology fit in? This is not a new topic, but the pandemic has certainly thrown a wrench in the discussion, so to speak, and it’s worth tackling the topic before we look at the predictions for the New Year.

What technologies will take center stage in 2022? This is a conversation we have been having for the last few weeks, looking at general technology trends, the digital infrastructure needed, and specific technologies like the combination of AR and AI. Today, let’s look at a general trend that will likely impact tech use in the future: what the customer ultimately wants.

We are in the middle of a blog series, focusing on trends that will have a big impact on construction in the year ahead. So far, we have mostly looked at technology trends impacting the industry. Today, let’s take a closer look at societal trends. Perhaps the first, most obvious, one that comes to mind is the worker.

We are nearing the end of the year, which makes it a great opportunity to look to the year ahead. Thus, we are in the middle of a blog series, looking at predictions for 2022 and beyond. In this series, we have looked at general technology trends and the digital infrastructure needed to enable it all. Today, let’s narrow in on specific technologies that will likely impact construction in 2022—if they aren’t impacting your business already.

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