IPM Global might have a sweet spot for project-management software for construction, but the company provides technology for so much more including document control, contract control, planning and forecasting, resource management, mobility, and more. Additionally, the company, which develops software built on the Microsoft Dynamics XRM development environment, has made some big moves in the past 12 months that proves it has an eye toward the future.

Constrained by a project management system that had no ability to adapt to a rapidly changing business environment The Opus Group (Opus), an over 325 employee family of commercial real estate companies headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota, went looking for a solution that would allow them to configure the software to their way of doing business rather than the other way around.

The economic turnaround has many looking into expansion and construction of new facilities, buildings and major spaces. However, the best construction companies realize the customer has two things: a limited budget and a time frame for completion.

IPM Global are proud to be associated with The Construction Open Software Alliance (COSA) community’s endorsement of “IPM Project Management Software”.

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