As the final in the series on collaborative delivery, this article illustrates the importance of aligning project and team goals, selecting best value teams, and incorporating lean methodologies described in the previous articles to ensure that our share of the gross domestic product in the United States is sustainable.

In our increasingly interconnected, social computing world, we and the people who work for us are pushing ever more data to the cloud. Whether it’s Web-based email services such as Yahoo! Mail or Gmail, collaboration tools, or the multitude of applications that store things like address books or profiles online, a significant amount of our “business intelligence” is no longer physically on our property or for that matter, on our equipment.

Many people think of PDF (portable document format) as a file type for publishing and archiving information. While these are certainly functions of PDF, leaders in the construction industry are tapping into PDF’s true potential by leveraging it as a tool for digital project communication and collaboration.