Staying smart at home often begins with the right technology. These days, so does the process of staying green. The CEA (Consumer Electronics Assn.),, Arlington, Va., is moving forward on both fronts with the announcements of the HGTV Smart Home 2013.

Built in Jacksonville Beach, Fla., the home uses CEA’s TechHome Rating System and is designed with the infrastructure to support current and future digital needs. Specifically, this HGTV Smart Home was built to meet CEA’s TechHome Gold Rating. This rating provides a whole-house network that distributes audio, video, data, telephone, television, home automation, and security signals to multiple rooms.

“By partnering with HGTV, CEA can highlight the TechHome Rating System to the winning Smart Home family and the HGTV viewers,” says Laura Hubbard, CEA’s senior manager of division and policy communications. “As emerging technologies continue to propel us toward an ever-connected lifestyle, a home designed with the proper technology infrastructure is critical for seamlessly integrating devices in the home.”

CEA developed its TechHome Rating System to be a nationally-recognized set of build-to specifications that help identify consumers’ technology needs and determine which applications and products are desired.

According to CEA, the TechHome Rating System defines the level and capabilities of the structured wiring installed in a given home. Overall this can help eliminate any complexities associated with integrating technology systems and products into a new or existing home.

Through a rating system such as the TechHome Rating System, homebuyers and realtors are given a comprehensive guide to the digital functions that home is equipped to handle. This can go a long way in helping buyers understand all that can be done within the home’s technology infrastructure, both now and going forward.