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CG Visions has been a big player when it comes to residential BIM consulting services, and now the company has additionally proven it can play in the technology-development space. Keep an eye on this provider, as it continues to bring to market solutions for residential BIM.
Constructech editors

CG Visions has long been an influential player in the residential BIM (building information modeling) market, offering consulting and implementation services as well as residential plan services with BIM. With this experience and background in residential, the consulting company was adept at recognizing needs in the residential-construction space.

With this knowledge, BIM Pipeline, a material management suite designed for both custom and production builders, was born in 2011. CG Visions recognized a need—lack of efficient method to leverage BIM data to create an estimating database to create purchase orders—and developed a product to gather data from modeling software and create master plan estimates. From there, the data can be exported to backend systems. The outcome is a product that bridges the gap between design and estimating.

Since the initial product release, the company says the product has been well-received by builders—even by builders that were not yet ready to adopt BIM, but still needed a workflow to manage estimates and generate precise purchase orders. Ultimately, though, this provides a good stepping stone to BIM in the future.

Additionally, early this year, CG Visions has leveraged some existing partnerships in the residential market to release eHome, a new module for BIM Pipeline. Homebuyers can use eHome’s CAD (computer-aided design) or BIM-based visual options selection tool to choose options for homes based on rules and guidance preset by the homebuilder.

This information can then be integrated with third-party backoffice systems.

With nearly 15 years of experience consulting and educating builders about the benefits of BIM, CG Visions has now evolved into an organization that develops products and establishes key partnerships aimed at serving the residential construction market. Certainly, the company also addresses a niche in the market—residential BIM—and is poised to continue to grow as that segment of technology in homebuilding develops further as well.


  • Nearly 15 years of experience in BIM for residential construction
  • BIM Pipeline bridges the gap between design and estimating
  • Understands needs of homebuilders


  • Continue to develop BIM Pipeline product
  • Build out additional partnerships in residential-construction market
  • Additional education and training for BIM in residential construction