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Citrix Systems has been a leader in virtualization and networking for years, but recently made a big push for mobile, apps, and collaboration in construction. Keep an eye on Citrix ShareFile, as this is fast becoming one of the leading mobile and collaboration systems in the construction industry.
Constructech editors

Citrix Systems is one of the largest information-technology providers in the world, offering some of the top solutions for virtualization, networking, and more. So what makes this company a leader in the construction space? Its focus on mobility, apps, and collaboration for construction has shifted this company from strictly a virtualization provider to a well-rounded solution provider for the industry.

A big part of this move toward mobility was the company’s 2011 acquisition of ShareFile, a file-sharing tool with a number of features specifically created for the construction industry. While the company didn’t join the list immediately following the acquisition, it was the continued development of the product and focus on the industry throughout the past few years that has proved it has staying potential in construction.

Also, Citrix’s mobile focus has been big in recent months, in line with tech trends in the construction industry. ShareFile’s mobile apps, for example, enable contractors to manage communication and approvals from any location. However, it is the construction industry’s implementation and overall good feedback of the technology that has really catapulted Citrix to a leader in the construction space.

Contractors like the ability to manage core applications via a central portal, rather than installing on employees’ laptops, and the fact that it is powerful enough to handle large BIM (building information modeling) files. The mobile app also provides big value, as construction companies are able to access project data on any mobile device.

For many in the industry, there has been a lot of discussion about how to move from older systems to newer, updated technology to ease business processes. Citrix is one such company that sees the big trends that are coming and is positioning itself to offer technology that will allow contractors to keep existing business processes, while moving to a more modern technology infrastructure. The construction industry is certain to see big things from Citrix in the future.


  • Years of experience in virtualization and networking

  • New focus on mobility, apps, as well as collaboration for construction
  • Enhanced features that specifically target the construction industry


  • More partnerships with other construction-software providers

  • Continued education specifically targeting the construction market
  • Good support for those companies that recently underwent new implementations