Looking for a name in technology innovation within the construction industry? Try Clark. While a few different construction companies go by the moniker, many share the common thread of believing in the role of information technology.

On the whole, the construction industry may not have been known in the past for its fast-paced innovation, but when it comes to new technology adoption, more builders and contractors than ever before are seeking the latest solutions to stay competitive. Because the technology industry never rests, a construction company’s job is never done—at least when it comes to keeping up with the latest tech trends.

This reality may seem daunting to some in the construction industry; but to others, it’s just another challenge to face head on. Clark Builders Group, www.clarkbuildersgroup.com, Arlington, Va., a builder of multifamily apartments, campus housing, military family housing, hotels, and senior living facilities, is one such company. By continually leveraging technology to stay at the cutting edge of the industry, Clark demonstrates that a truly tech-savvy company never rests on its laurels.

In the past, the company has turned to solutions such as HD video to help connect employees in the field while reducing costs. Even though the company already used a video-conferencing solution, Clark recognized the lower resolution and bandwidth of its existing system was outdated based on advances made in the technology marketplace.

Rather than maintaining the status quo, the company upgraded to a content-sharing video solution that allowed employees to share architectural drawings, change orders, budget spreadsheets, schedules, and more.

If history is any indication of the future, the company is not done with regards to technology innovation. The company has been honored 11 times with a Constructech Vision Award, which recognizes construction companies that continually innovate by applying technology in both the office and the field. To learn more about the 2013 Constructech Vision Awards, click here.

But Clark Builders Group isn’t the only tech-savvy company to go by the name Clark in construction these days. Canadian construction company Clark Builders, www.clarkbuilders.com, Edmonton, Alta., recently demonstrated its tech-savvy nature.

The company has turned to Hosted eCMS v.4.0, the next-generation construction ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution from Computer Guidance Corp., www.computer-guidance.com, Scottsdale, Ariz. Computer Guidance is a provider of construction-management solutions for the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry.

The new ERP solution is deployed in a cloud-based environment. Clark says moving ERP to the cloud allows it to focus on its core business—construction—rather than supporting services. Also by using the latest version of Computer Guidance’s eCMS solution, Clark plans to expand support for its financial and field operations.

On the whole, it doesn’t take a “Clark” to demonstrate just how tech-savvy the construction industry has become. Rather than looking at technology as a “one and done” solution, those companies that take a forever approach to technology innovation are better poised to stay competitive in the long run. Since a favorable economy is no sure bet, planning for long-term innovation is a savvy move.