People like saving money, right? So it makes sense they’d want to do so when considering purchasing a home. If the home offers numerous energy-efficient solutions, a homebuyer will typically show more interest.

Clayton Homes,, Maryville, Tenn., is continuing to offer several energy-efficient, ENERGY STAR,, Washington, D.C., features in its homes.

Energy efficiency is becoming more important to prospective homebuyers. Clayton Homes makes sure to provide consumers the money-saving features that are desired in a new home by offering many ENERGY STAR-certified options.

“Whether they want to lower their utility bill or decrease their carbon footprint, consumers are more energy conscience than ever, and our ENERGY STAR home sales reflect that,” says Kevin Clayton, CEO, Clayton Homes. “We wholly support the notion of greener living, and we’ve kept pace with current trends by offering the features and products our customers have told us they want in a new home.”

Clayton Homes’ focus on green features begins with the construction process. The company’s manufacturing process emphasizes efficiency which helps minimize waste in materials and time. Consumers that want to lower their utility bills can choose to add several features to their home that will lower energy costs, resulting in saving money.

One energy-efficient feature includes low-emissivity windows which help regulate indoor temperature by retaining heat in the winter and keeping heat out during the warmer months. Additional features include, advanced heating and cooling capabilities, like heat pumps that use less power to control the home’s climate, and smart-lighting alternatives. For instance, one smart-lighting solution is using CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs which consume less electricity than traditional bulbs do.

“People are interested in ENERGY STAR certification and energy-efficient appliances because that not only creates homes that are better for the environment, but it can save them money every month by cutting back on energy usage,” says Audrey Saunders, public relations and communications specialist, Clayton Homes. “This creates long-term savings over the years, whereas buying an older home in the same price range will generally mean a much less energy-efficient living space.”

With all these features, the homebuyer will save a lot of energy and money. Clayton Homes made sure to entice homebuyers by incorporating the energy-saving ENERGY STAR features into its homes, since green homes are becoming increasingly popular.

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