The construction industry team at UBuildNet (the Universal Building Network),, Bayville, N.J., has developed what the company calls “the next generation of construction software” – a fully integrated suite of tools to enhance the building process. Specifically designed for the construction industry UPro Software is a cloud-based construction-management solution designed, according to its developer, to meet the 21st century needs of any size construction company.

UPro is construction software for handling projects, estimates, proposals, work orders, purchase orders, change orders, invoicing, and more, with templates that can be customized with a contractor’s logo and branding.

Integrated with the communication, networking, and marketing features of, UPro allows construction professionals to manage daily business operations from any Internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet, or smart phone whether they are in the office, on the road, with a customer, at a construction site, or home finishing up some business.

“UBuildNet’s team of construction pros share a vision for a specialized construction software product that works the way the construction industry works,” relates UBuildNet’s founder and Chief Executive Officer John Clark. “UBuildNet started with social-media style communication and business networking. Now, as part of the expanding construction software suite, UPro now manages projects wherever the construction pro may be throughout the day.”

With the integration of UPro, has taken a leap towards a strategic goal to provide a single, integrated source for navigating the three critical components of construction business operations: contact and relationship management, project management, and financial management (which is planned for future release).

“The concept for UPro came from frustrations with construction software products that didn’t work the way construction pros work,” explains Clark. “Also, the software out there was either too limited, too hard to use, or too expensive. The social networking and marketing features of UBuildNet use communications, networking, and are similar to those of popular social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter, but customizes them expressly to meet the needs of the construction industry.”

“The addition of UPro as a project management tool makes UBuildNet a comprehensive solution,” continues Clark. “It’s completely integrated with the communications and networking aspects of daily construction operations.”

To illustrate how the software suite works, Clark offers a situation familiar to many construction pros. “Contractors and industry professionals spend much of their time split between traveling, job sites, and the office,” he says. “Software needs to work everywhere, it needs to be simple and easy to use, and it requires integration.”

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