When PC Construction, www.pcconstruction.com, South Burlington, Vermont, was searching for a solution to alleviate an IT issue affecting field productivity, the company found transformation in the Egnyte, www.egnyte.com, Mountain View, Calif., platform. Today, as PC Construction’s corporate file server, this solution makes differences in efficiency and effectiveness.

With Egnyte, marketing or finance data is accessible using any device, from anywhere. The same rigorous level infrastructure exists on the traditional file server. Folder permissions ensure the confidence of PC Construction staff. This is also an ideal backup for loss of Internet.

Additionally, the technology is the center of all project-based files and collaboration, replacing FTP. The newfound integration enables employees, contractors, and vendors to access information and make adjustments easily.

The company’s API (application programming interface) also allows IT to provide a standard folder hierarchy structure for accessing data from any location, each time a potential job escalates from bid to project.

Finally, the interface is easy for employees, clients, and partners to understand. Today all parties collaborate with syncing, sharing, and editing files.

The results? Today, PC has reduced IT operational costs dramatically and minimized time to provision a project by more than 90%. With these significant time and cost savings, the PC Construction IT department can focus talents on clients, not software. As a true example of partnership, this is a win for all, enabling staff to focus on tasks that best build business. This is collaboration at its finest—an essential PC Construction competitive edge in general contracting, construction management, and design-build.