In the construction industry, as in most businesses, one way construction professionals are finding they can be more productive is by adopting technology solutions that allow them to streamline project delivery, share key project data, and manage processes with more visibility.

PIM (project-information management) helps keep project team members on the same page when it comes to logging and tracking data, including markups for CAD (computer-aided design) or BIM (building information modeling) designs. Not only can this technology help enable collaboration, it can have a sizable impact on the project by helping to ensure all changes have been made.

Newforma,, Manchester, N.H., is a software company dedicated to improving project delivery for construction professionals, including owners, architects, and engineers. The company offers PIM solutions that can help the industry share and manage project data, essentially increasing transparency and by extension, accountability, on a project.

This week, the company announced Newforma Project Cloud, which will extend the company’s PIM solution to include project hosting on a cloud server and Web-based collaboration and administration tools. Newforma says the new product will help reduce cumbersome workflows related to document approval, PDF markup, RFIs (requests for approvals), and submittals. By automating these processes, the solution can cut back on redundancy and minimize error.

The new product announcement comes on the heels of another announcement from Newforma earlier this month—its acquisition of Attolist, provider of AEC-Sync Web-based construction collaboration software, which Newforma Project Cloud incorporates  to service existing customers.

According to Ian Howell, CEO, Newforma, the launch of Newforma Project Cloud is direct a result of the customers’ changing requirements. Howell says construction professionals are looking to manage both on-premise and hosted projects: “Newforma Project Cloud allows us to also host and manage individual projects on a multitenant cloud server,” he says.

New functionality to the Newforma Project Cloud solution, such as Newforma Cloud Sync, will integrate with Newforma’s enterprise solution. The company says this will tie cloud-hosted project information to internal workflows, ensuring a seamless user experience.

When managing project information through technology, a seamless user experience is key. By taking PIM solutions up to the cloud, technology adopters are opening the door to increased collaboration and visibility for their team members, which can make a big difference when it comes to project delivery.