Combining CAD (computer-aided design) and the cloud can revolutionize the construction industry. Contractors, engineers, and technologists rely heavily on computer-aided design throughout the work process, and the rising popularity of CAD is only bolstered by the cloud.

Case in point: Frame (previously Mainframe2),, Menlo Park, Calif., recently launched the public BETA of its new end-user product, furthering its leadership role in bringing CAD into the cloud environment.

Frame has pioneered rich graphics apps in the cloud, with its platform already in use for more than a year by leading software vendors like Adobe and Siemens. And more than 100,000 users have run Windows apps from the cloud using Frame so far, with no cumbersome installation.

Three years ago, Frame envisioned a platform that combines the best of the cloud’s flexibility with the power and reliability of desktop software, according to Nikola Bozinovic, founder and CEO, Frame. Frame enables contractors, engineers, and designers to install and run the CAD on their choice on any device.

Frame’s new end-user product will have universal appeal since it will allow people to move any Windows application to a cloud environment instantly. The company has chosen to place its first focus on CAD, design, and AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industries because of its unique ability to handle even the most intense graphics tasks easily while preserving high quality.

Key features of Frame include full compatibility with any existing Windows software, the ability to connect to any PDM (product data management) or cloud storage, and unrivaled graphics performance. Even the most demanding graphics tasks run smoothly from the cloud super-computer powered by NVIDIA GRID graphics.

Along with the unveiling the public BETA of its new Frame end-user product, the company also shortened the platform name from Mainframe2 to Frame, in response to strong demand from end-users in CAD, design, and AEC. It has received additional funding from Bain Venture Capital.

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