It’s a fact: in order to drive profits, construction project managers must accurately forecast, schedule, and deliver the right resources, labor, and materials within the correct time frames. Without the accurate information, this process can be a guessing game.

Fortunately, these days, companies like Avadencia,, Laguna Beach, Calif., are improving the forecasting art and science. With the release of the mobile application for its cloud-based forecasting, Avadencia furthers the company’s commitment to making this technology available anywhere their customers will need to use it.

For forecasting, a number of features give users extensive business intelligence and the ability to observe and react to changing project conditions as they occur. This technology’s free mobile application includes some of Avadencia’s most popular functionalities, including: instant recall, showing specific item details, so users can gain insight into the item’s progression or item forecast stability; mobile collaboration tools; multi-user, cloud-based platform for permission-based project visibility; proactive risk management tools; and built-in APIs (application programming interfaces) that can be configured to work with popular ERP (enterprise-resource planning) systems and display forecast details in the field.

With Avadencia, forecasters can improve information collection while promoting analysis and sharing with the appropriate team members. Its Instant Recall feature enables users to dig deeper into the history of line items and trends for better understanding and improved decisionmaking. And with Avadencia’s cloud-based software, construction and other field team members that spend significant time in the field can have consistent access to their project forecasting tools. This new mobile app simply provides users one more way to access and manipulate forecasts from wherever they are, whether in the office or the field.

As a crystal ball for construction, this forecasting software is designed around the needs of project-based industries that rely on forecasting, including construction, oil and gas, manufacturing, aerospace, and more. According to Avadencia CEO Michael Saddik, the mobile app is furthering the company’s focus on using software to bridge the gap between forecasts and the realities of an active, ongoing project.