A major materials provider is turning to cloud technology as a “material” to support a management system to stay competitive. With a presence in 62 countries, Lafarge, www.lafarge.com, Paris, France, articulates an ambition “to support urban metamorphosis by contributing to building better cities.”

“As a top-ranking player in the cement, aggregates, and concrete businesses, we decided to move to the cloud to give us better system performance,” says Eileen Klingbeil, PAVE systems manager, Lafarge.

The industrial company opted for a cloud-based solution from B2W Software, www.b2wsoftware.com, Portsmouth, N.H., a provider of “enterprise-class” construction software, services, and solutions, which recently announced its B2W Cloud solution.

To create an easy-to-use and flexible mobile tool that gives construction professionals anytime, anywhere access to core business data, B2W embedded its entire ONE (Operational Networked Elements) platform into the cloud. “The B2W Cloud enhancements make it easier for decision makers to access and leverage data anywhere, regardless of location,” expounds Paul McKeon, CEO, B2W Software.

The ONE offering, which includes its estimate, dispatch, track, and maintain elements– networked in a single, unified platform – gives construction personnel and executives mobile-device (tablet and smartphone) access to realtime data on the construction site and elsewhere. Designed for scalability, B2W Cloud offers a multi-layered security system to ensure confidentiality, integrity, and availability.

“All critical data from estimates to equipment maintenance, can now be securely delivered via the cloud; there’s no need to toggle across multiple siloed products with inconsistent information,” McKeon explains. “Now onsite workers can make immediate, informed decisions based on realtime information.”

Other B2W Cloud features and benefits include comprehensive integration with every major accounting software package, intuitive user interface for streamlined estimating, bidding, logistics field operations and maintenance, and private assignment-based messaging network for instant collaboration.

Reports Klingbeil, “B2W Cloud allows us to upgrade at a much faster pace and take full advantage of the newest features, keeping us competitive in a fast-paced industry.”

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