Collaboration is a great way to save time and money in the construction industry. When two companies share their ideas, the possibilities for new solutions become endless.

As one example, Cloud Takeoff,, Mason, Ohio, and VBX (Virtual Builders Exchange),, San Antonio, Texas, have entered into a licensing and marketing agreement. Cloud Takeoff offers cloud-based tools for estimating, collaborating, and sharing digital blueprints. VBX is a trade organization in Texas that collects and organizes bidding information for contractors. Together, they are developing a solution to help thousands of Texas contractors and subcontractors save time and money while creating detailed estimates for bidding or building.

Builders Exchanges give contractors access to bidding and planning news, in addition to local repository of blueprints and drawings for current projects. Because of today’s technological advances, these physical plan rooms are now turning digital. With Cloud Takeoff’s software embedded in the VBX site, users won’t have to download, store, or print blueprints anymore. Instead, contractors can instantly open a complete set of project documents with built-in estimating tools, saving both time and money.

VBX says it will license Cloud Takeoff’s software as the service’s primary blueprint viewer. On the other end, Cloud Takeoff will take care of sales and outbound marketing for both services throughout Texas and says it hopes to expand the partnership to include more Builders Exchanges.

Construction companies are always looking for ways to save money. By moving away from paper and turning to digital, Cloud Takeoff and VBX are creating a cost-efficient solution.