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Co-construct LLC
1807 Seminole Trail, Ste. 203
Charlottesville, VA 22901

Creating a Brand
Targeting the custom homebuilder and remodeler market, Co-construct LLC provides, which is Web and mobile-based software designed to handle client, project, and financial management on projects. The past year has been a busy one for this technology provider, with many new enhancements to the product. In addition to visual updates and new features for estimating and forecasting, the company introduced a new scheduling module and accounting integration. However, of particular interest is the new partner mobile app. The Constructech editors like that the trade partner app focuses on just the items that trades need to access. In addition to the new app for partners, Co-construct also continues to add features in the existing app for builders to access project details.

“Co-construct has put a lot of research and development into creating a solution that works the way homebuilders need to run a business. One example is the new partner mobile app, which gives trades access to data. It’s exciting to see the product develop and serve the market well.” —Constructech editors

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