The need for increased communication across the entire project team is nothing new in the AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) industry. While teamwork with partners is a big priority today, there is also a great need for good collaboration internally.

For construction companies that operate across various states, software can help centralize the project data, allowing for improved communication throughout the entire company. This type of heightened collaboration internally can improve quality, scheduling, and budget on projects.

E.E. Reed Construction L.P.,, Sugar Land, Texas, began as a general contractor in 1976, and has since expanded its services through acquisitions and partnerships. The company now provides services for education, government, healthcare, residential, and institutional, among many more.

For the company, careful planning, monitoring, and project management is key to ensuring quality, scheduling, and cost effectiveness are achieved.

Mike Den Herder, CFO, E.E. Reed Construction, says with hundreds of employees spread out across many locations, software helps effectively communicate and coordinate activities while serving clients in a timely manner and with high quality.

E.E. Reed Construction recently decided to implement Hosted eCMS and Project Collaborator from Computer Guidance,, Scottsdale, Ariz., to centralize the project information.

In this case, the ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution provides tools for accounting and collaboration. In addition since the technology is in a hosted environment, it doesn’t require a significant investment in the IT infrastructure.

For today’s construction company, collaboration is key. Collaboration can mean something different to each construction company. Developing a strategy around the idea of collaboration can be a difficult one, but for construction companies the technology exists that can help store and manage project information in one central database.