Collaboration might be one of the latest buzzwords to hit the construction industry, but could have a big impact on projects in the future. In fact, according to a recent survey, technology and collaboration, which often go hand-in-hand, will have the biggest impact on North American architecture and construction.

The survey, conducted by ARC Document Solutions, shows AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) professionals are often turning to collaboration technology to address communication challenges that lead to project delays.

The struggle for many construction organizations is the term “collaboration” is still very ambiguous. Many technology providers claim to offer solutions for collaboration. However, since the term is so broad, it can mean different things to the various participants involved in a project. Ultimately, it comes down to defining what the term means for each company and each project.

What’s more, construction firms need to keep in mind what is needed to manage both internal and external collaboration. In many cases, it is important to have tight internal collaboration before strong external collaboration. Additionally, companies need to identify ways to ensure data is secure.

While construction companies are beginning to explore the benefits of using tech for collaboration, many still might be trying to identify how software can enable greater collaboration, both internally and externally, which is why we plan to explore this topic at our upcoming Constructech Technology Day conference on August 27 at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Schaumburg, Ill.

Additionally, we are pleased to announce we have invited Roger Gagnier, vice president, AECOM, to join us to discuss how software enables him to track a project’s 400+ certifiable items across the seven different construction contracts. With more than 29 years of construction experience and as the integration manager on the $2.3 billion GLX (Green Line Extension) project, Gagnier is responsible for insuring all safety and security certification plan requirements are addressed. He will provide an inside look at one construction project.

The topic of technology in construction will be one that continues to be explored in many companies in the years ahead, as the true value and benefits continue to be identified.

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