MiTek Industries,, Chesterfield, Mo., has announced the release of a collaboration tool for designing, building, and inspecting wood-frame structures.

With SAPPHIRE Mobile Viewer for Windows, from MiTek USA, users can receive links to 3D SAPPHIRE architectural BIM (building information modeling) models via email and use them for design collaboration on Windows 8.1 tablets, PCs, or Windows Phones.

With this free Windows Store download from MiTek, SAPPHIRE Mobile Viewer users can control what structural features they see with “visibility switches.” They can also fly through the BIM models, or use a placement tool to choose which rooms to view and compare as-built field framing to the 3D BIM model to detect discrepancies. SAPPHIRE Mobile Viewer users can easily take a picture and email a visual comparison of the model to actual field-framed conditions.

Using SAPPHIRE Mobile Viewer as a collaboration tool, users can also quickly find and navigate to selected areas of the BIM model with “bookmarked views,” placed in the BIM by component manufacturers or other allied trades for quick, effective communication of issues and solutions.

“Up-front collaboration is the key to profitability when designing framing using trusses and prefabricated wall components. SAPPHIRE Mobile Viewer enables great collaboration across the various trades with enormous ease,” says Dick Marriott, group president of MiTek North America.

“The real-world benefits of accurate estimating, great cost control, and high-speed installation,” adds Marriott, “are being realized today as builders bring this toolset into their homebuilding process.”

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