Looking for large-scale search and rescue operations, environmental cleanups, and multi-state conservation projects software? Need mobile devices to collect and visualize data? While there are a number of solutions to consider, a new product just hit the market.

The Trimble, www.mytopo.com, Sunnyvale, Calif., MyTopo TNPe (Terrain Navigator Pro Enterprise) is a GIS (geographic-information system) application designed to facilitate collaboration and position sharing in the field.

TNPe displays collected data to improve in-the-field decisionmaking and creates a digital record of all field activity. This solution integrates desktop mapping software, a cloud connected mobile data collection platform (compatible with GPS-enabled iOS and Android devices), and a Web portal.

For construction companies there are a number of benefits. Organizations can plan projects in the office, collect data in the field, and access projects from the Web—simultaneously. And connection is key: Geo-referenced data such as tracks, waypoints, photographs, and video can be shared, updated in near realtime, and displayed on the included topographic, aerial/satellite, or street base maps. Individual team members are permitted to view and manipulate data and to locate fellow team members in the field or from the office.

Insiders understand with search and rescue operations, one challenge is the need to quickly gather reconnaissance information on safe entry points, search targets, and existing hazards in preparation for a large-scale deployment of personnel into the field. The information gathered by the initial responders allows organizations to assure resources are deployed to minimize danger to rescuers and speed recovery.

TNPe allows users to recon an area with pictures, notes, and geo-locations points of interest. And the information flows back to a planning team in near realtime, allowing a TAP (tactical action plan) to be started while the recon team is still out.

For those construction companies working on environmental cleanups or conservation projects, technology can help manage data at the jobsite.