The mobile revolution is transforming the construction industry. With the influx of mobile devices at the jobsite, contractors are more often turning to apps to do quick calculations. Still, many of the simple math calculators won’t provide the trade-specific functions required in the construction industry today.

Enter DEWALT,, Towson, Md., and its DEWALT Mobile Pro app. The product, which was originally released in May of last year, was developed with contractors and tradesmen in mind. Near the end of last year, DEWALT announced updates to the app, which includes new add-on packs for electrical and landscaping.

The DEWALT Mobile Pro app includes a construction calculator for complex jobsite computations. Some features include a running history of recent calculations, a customizable list of favorites, and the ability to email results.

The recent release of the DEWALT Mobile Pro app includes a collection of wiring and electrical calculations for arc blast, conductor size, energy consumption, voltage drop, conduit fill, equipment grounding, and minimum burial depth, among other specialized features for electrical.

The app also includes computations for landscapers including fence materials, mowing time, pavers, plant spacing, square checking, and more. Other add-ons for the app include site work, finish work, concrete and masonry, carpentry, plumbing, and more.

For the construction industry, this app will allow for quick construction calculations on mobile devices including the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

As construction companies continue to look for new solutions in the field, an app such as this might provide an on-site answer to complex computations. What apps are you using in the field to manage construction projects? Rather than using a plethora of apps to get the job done, developing a strategy around mobility and apps could provide a means to improve efficiencies at the jobsite.