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Fosters teamwork, collaboration, and ongoing learning opportunities

Inspires employees through a relaxed and friendly work environment

Develops partnerships with its clients and works together as a team


AR solution that helps homebuyers visualize their design choices

Offering custom-tailored software to add value to clients

Partner with others through seminars and events

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“Computer Presentation Systems has a 30+ year company culture that shines, with a focus on cultivating engaged employees. It also has a keen focus on building partnerships with its clients, in an effort to work together as one unit to build great solutions.” —Constructech editors

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Computer Presentation Systems has a company culture that fosters teamwork, collaboration, and ongoing learning opportunities, and takes the steps necessary to serve its clients by offering innovative products and superior customer support.

Looking a bit closer at its company culture, it has always fostered diversity, as it believes that diversity helps to nurture innovation. With a team that encompasses everyone from Millennials to Boomers and from varying backgrounds, it continues to combine this knowledge and experience to help move the company forward. Further, Computer Presentation Systems inspires its employees through a relaxed and friendly work environment that constantly acknowledges employee achievements and encourages creativity and team work.

The company also builds partnerships with its clients, as well, by forming good relationships and recognizing their needs. It does this by working with others through seminars and other events. As one example, it has recently partnered with HomeAid America on digital signage that helps them convey their message of providing housing for today’s homeless.

Even more, the company continues to build and release new, innovative solutions with its customers in mind. For instance, it has recently released two new products. One, SiteViewer, is a website-integrated sitemap application, which allows homebuilders to deliver critical, on-demand home pricing and availability information to prospective buyers before they visit a sales center. The second, Imaginarium, is an AR (augmented reality) solution for a builder’s design center that helps homebuyers visualize their design choices. Buyers can use mobile devices to mix and match options selections and see the results come to life in 3D. And these are just two examples.

Perhaps one of the company’s biggest claims to fame is its reputation for offering custom-tailored software. This helps to add value to its relationships by being able to adapt to individual objectives. It believes that its clients become part of its team, as everyone works together to build solutions.

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