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Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

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Continue to grow and expand upon siteview web-based sitemaps

CRM is in the process of getting an interface overhaul

Imaginarium leverages augmented reality for a builder’s design center

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A true partner to its clients, with clients becoming part of the team

Delivering custom-tailored software for 35 years

Unique go-to-market strategy in its area of expertise

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“Computer Presentation Systems has been a staple in the residential construction community for years and continues to deliver updated technology to meet the needs of those in the industry.” —Peggy Smedley

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With an innovative company culture that fosters teamwork, collaboration, and ongoing learning opportunities, Computer Presentation Systems equips its employees who are highly adaptable to the constant changes in the industry.

For 35 years, the company has been delivering solutions to help builders sell more homes, build more profitability, and provide more responsive customer care. The cloud-based products share a single Microsoft SQL database that streamlines information flow from one product to the next throughout the purchase to post-closing lifecycle. Or builders can choose to use each product as a standalone solution.

When it comes to employees, the company has always fostered diversity, as it believes diversity fosters innovation. With team members from Gen Z to Boomers from varying backgrounds, CPS inspires its employees through a relaxed and friendly work environment that constantly acknowledges employee achievements and encourages creativity and team work.

CPS partners with its clients by forming good relationships and understanding their needs, while also delivering custom-tailored software, adding value to relationships by being able to adapt to individual objectives. Quite simply, through communication and collaboration, clients become part of the team.

The company also recognizes trends in the market and continues to deliver on it. For instance, most of its products provide self-service technology for a builder’s vendors and buyers—which is becoming more important every year as it offers efficiencies, cost savings, greater convenience, and a better overall experience for the buyer. As another example, CPS’ newest product, SiteViewer, is becoming critical in a COVID-19 world, where information via the web allows home shoppers to only visit communities after they’ve already gathered critical information online.

The tech provider also partners with others in the industry to deliver seminars and has partnered with homebuilders on concept projects to deliver the healthy home of the future. To stay competitive in today’s market, CPS strives to provide the innovative products that the industry needs, alongside customer support and a price point that benefit the industry as a whole.

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