SureCount Takeoff Software
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ConEst Software Systems
Manchester, N.H.

Takeoff with Tech
Each construction trade has a very unique set of needs when it comes to estimating and takeoffs. This is one of the reasons why ConEst Software Systems provides SureCount Takeoff Software to address the unique challenges that electrical and low-voltage contractors face when working with electronic prints. Instead of printing hard plans, estimators can work with the drawings on their computer screens using this symbol recognition software. One feature is SureCount’s Auto Count technology, which minimizes the burden of having to manually count symbols. Not only are processes done much faster, conduit and cable runs are also easily measured right on screen. During the past 12 months, SureCount has had a number of enhancements including a New Area Selection feature, added ability to display user-defined symbol groups, and a new snipping tool, just to name a few. The Constructech editors like that ConEst has taken a unique product for takeoffs and expanded the functionality to meet the needs of electrical and low-voltage construction companies.

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