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Smarter Estimates with IntelliBid
IntelliBid’s detailed work breakdown schedules help electrical, low-voltage, and data cabling contractors take control of project budgets by determining precise labor and material requirements. Constructech editors appreciate ConEst’s estimating software’s ability to recognize how installation circumstances can impact the bid, and then make adjustments. Features include Smart Substitution, which calculates material and labor requirements and checks them against code specifications; Advanced Breakout, a unit pricing feature for takeoff items; an industry-smart database; and Auto Labor Factoring, which automatically adjusts labor units based on installation conditions. IntelliBid integrates with ConEst’s SureCount and JobTrac solutions and was clearly designed by construction experts for construction experts.

“At the heart of ConEst’s IntelliBid estimating software is the idea that knowing why an installation needs the correct amount of labor requirements are just as important as knowing how to install the material. The solution helps contractors work smarter, and that speaks volumes.”
Constructech editors

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