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Commercial and Residential

ConEst Software Systems fills a niche in the construction industry, with a focus on
integration and data transfer that helps it stand out as a leader for electrical and data cabling contractors.
Constructech editors

Specialty contractors focusing on electrical, data/cabling, low voltage, instrumentation, and alternative energy take note: ConEst Software Systems is one of the leading technology providers servicing these markets.

With technology designed for bidding/estimating, digital takeoff, document management, project management, service management, and more, the company provides a suite of targeted solutions.

As ConEst continues to grows, commitment to its customers remains its focus and is recognized across social media. The company remains dedicated to professional services for its customers worldwide, and to ensuring that the products they use to build their business are designed to exceed their expectations.

ConEst Software Systems also continues to update its software. For example, it has added a feature to JobTrac project-management software, which allows clients to track productivity trends of actual installations by crews and individuals on their expected output per hour, day, week, month, or date range based on user defined rough-ins and materials. For contractors, this type of functionality provides project managers and owners with early warning signs as to whether the project is on target or if adjustments are needed. This is a huge value for construction companies—and is just one of many ConEst has added in the past year.

The company’s product portfolio includes IntelliBid Estimating Software, JobTrac, and SureCount. Full integration of each program enables data transfer, saving hours of redundant data entry.

What’s more the technology provider has also developed a number of partnerships, creating integration with others in the space to create a fully automated end-to-end bidding and project-management solution for electrical and data cabling contractors.

At the end of the day, ConEst Software Systems is a partner with its customers, providing technology that enables its clients to improve project efficiencies and the bottomline. Isn’t that what every construction company needs in this day and age of tight margins?

Product Offerings:

  • Bidding/Estimating
  • Digital Takeoff
  • Document Management
  • Project Management
  • Scheduling
  • Service Management


  • Ongoing updates to its lineup of products
  • Key partnerships deliver end-to-end solution
  • Professional customer service, helping contractors improve business


  • Continue to build out product portfolio
  • Ongoing focus on data transfer capabilities
  • Create additional integration touchpoints

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