You have likely developed a strategy for mobility in your construction business, but have you developed a strategy for IoT (Internet of Things)?

The value of the IoT goes far beyond novelty gadgets. This is why one technology company has delivered a new product designed to help IoT devicemakers think beyond the device and build powerful IoT ecosystems that can deliver critical business value to their customers.

Apigee,, provider of an intelligent API (application programming interface) platform to support and accelerate digital business, has launched Apigee Link, which it describes as an “API-first” IoT product for connecting devices to the Internet.

Key features and capabilities include built-in REST (representational state transfer) APIs; the ability to stream near-realtime data among devices, the cloud, and mobile apps using open standards; two-way communication from the cloud to the device and vice-versa; the ability to communicate with any device regardless of protocol; user authentication and authorization for device and app security; and mobile SDKs (software development kits) for iOS; among other benefits.

Apigee’s goal with its new Link product is to provide devicemakers with end-to-end connectivity and the ability to offer new digital experiences to their customers while realizing new revenue streams. Ultimately, as devicemakers and enterprises reimagine how smart devices, big data, and digital platforms can enhance their businesses, Apigee Link helps these customers look beyond IoT devices and become a digital platform business.

Chet Kapoor, CEO of Apigee, says with Apigee Link, the company is leveraging its core competency in APIs, data, and protocol mediation to help customers securely link devices to the Internet and reduce the risks associated with adopting IoT technologies. The solution is available now to select customers as cloud and device software; it will be widely available later in 2015.

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