The smart, connected city is here, and the construction companies that recognize this can provide big value to project owners.

What can  you expect? The smart city will bring immense value through its ability to handle data and processes autonomously. More and more companies are working toward creating the technology solutions that will change how we view smart cities, making them less remarkable and more the norm. Eventually, “smart cities” will just be “cities.”

Alan Pan, chief strategy officer of the consumer business group at Tatung,, Taipei City, Taiwan, says society currently lacks the sort of pervasive computing devices that can seamlessly weave through the Web in spite of varying communication methods and data-exchange formats. This is a hurdle facing smart cities and Tatung believes it can help.

The company recently unveiled a lineup of embedded modules developed for smart city applications such as EV (electric-vehicle) charging, smart-street lighting, and pervasive sensing and control. The modules feature software developed by Tatung partners such as Arkados Group,, a software development and system integrator for IoT-(Internet of Things) applications.

Tatung says the Arkados software-support package for the new modules integrate board-level software and provide developers with a “complete development environment.” Leveraging LinqUSP, Arkados’ device-management software, customers can manage the devices’ lifecycles, which is key in smart-city applications that must stand the test of time.

Because smart-city deployments require reliability, system integration, and standards-based communication protocols, and must also be cost effective, Tatung hopes in new lineup of modules will serve as building blocks for network-based computing solutions that can deliver values in energy management, intelligent sensing and control, and remote monitoring. As population numbers clustered around city centers is expected to increase dramatically in the next several decades, smart-city technologies will be critical to meeting the demand for efficient, responsive city systems.

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