Residential builders can continually offer homebuyers a home that is high-tech—with home-security solutions that can help protect from break-ins.

As one recent example, Kwikset,, Lake Forest, Calif., announces the availability of the SmartCode 916, a touchscreen version of SmartCode 914 deadbolt lock.

SmartCode 916 can be activated with the touch of a finger and is easy to lock and unlock. To unlock, the LED touchscreen will auto-detect a correct code, while a quick-and-easy lock button provides the user with one-touch locking. SmartCode 916 is integrated with Home Connect technology, allowing the lock to communicate with other wireless home products such as security systems and home-entertainment systems.

Passcodes can potentially be threatened by detecting often used numbers from the oily residues on the touchscreen surface, according to Kwikset. SecureScreen, a feature of the SmartCode 916, is designed to help homeowners rid of these “smudge” attacks. When SecureScreen is activated, two random numbers become visible on the screen. The user has to touch these numbers to display the entire screen, allowing them to enter the user code. The enhanced usage of the touchscreen surface conceals the correct numbers that are used for user access codes.

The SmartCode touchscreen deadbolt can hold up to 30 user codes, incorporating many prior features from the SmartCode 914. Returning features include BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Assn.) Grade 2 Certification, UL Certification with 20-minute fire rating, and a Mastercode option, which lets users prevent user codes from being added or deleted from the lock.

Two other features included are Kwikset’s patented SmartKey and BumpGuard. SmartKey allows homeowners to re-key their locks without having to remove the lock from the door, while BumpGuard protects homeowners from lock bumping.

Today, homebuilders have a number of options for residential security solutions and devices to help protect these homes from security threats like “smudge” attacks. Kwikset’s SmartCode 916 is just one of those solutions.