With the rise of connected devices, it was only a matter of time before connected tools and hardware began to truly infiltrate construction jobsites. It seems, as of late, there are a number of companies releasing new connected tools with the construction industry in mind.

Case in point: DEWALT, www.dewalt.com, Baltimore, Md. Earlier this month, the company announced it is adding to its growing offering of connected tools with the launch of its line of lithium ion batteries with Bluetooth capability.

The batteries pair with Apple and Android smart devices via the free Tool Connect App, which gives users the ability to control batteries remotely with a Bluetooth device.

What does this type of connected technology mean for the construction industry? Builders and contractors will have greater control of tools, as they will be able to view inventory of paired units, remotely turn all batteries on or off, monitor battery charge level, view Bluetooth signal strength, and pair additional batteries.

Here is where the app gets really interesting: With diagnostics, users can monitor an individual battery’s state of charge, temperature, and connection to Bluetooth. The actions screen also allow builders and contractors to customize the app depending on what data they need. Such actions include alerts if out of range, disable if out of range, alert at low battery, alert at high temperature, and alert at charge completion, among others.

It is interesting to see how connected tools continue to move forward in the construction industry and the steps companies such as DEWALT have taken to add value to products. With this growth in connected technology, Constructech unveils a new awards program for 2015—Constructech Connected Hardware, which technology providers can nominate for now.

As the connectivity continues to become a bigger priority for construction professionals, more products are being released. Now, it is a matter of identifying the best connected hardware for the job.

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