Alternative energy is a hot topic in the worlds of technology and construction, and one company is looking to redefine this need for renewable power with a new digital wind farm.

GE,, says the Digital Wind Farm is a “dynamic, connected, and adaptable wind energy ecosystem” that pairs turbines with the digital infrastructure for the wind industry. Just like other industries that stand to benefit from digital transformations, energy is one area that should be a priority. By helping to integrate renewable power into the existing power grid more effectively, GE says the technology will boost a wind farm’s energy production by up to 20%, which could generate up to $50 billion of value for the wind industry.

The production of the next generation of Brilliant wind turbines will be the basis of the Digital Wind Farm ecosystem. The turbines will be connected to advanced networks that can analyze turbine operations in realtime and make adjustments in order to boost operating efficiencies. Embedded sensors will gather data about temperature, alignment, and vibrations that can be analyzed by operators via GE’s Predix software.

Throughout time, GE says the system will learn, thereby becoming more predictive, reducing maintenance costs and down time, and allowing wind farms to maintain top performance as they age. Steve Bolze, president and CEO of GE Power & Water, says big data is worthless without the insight to take action. “Our vision for the industry is to use today’s data to predict tomorrow’s outcomes,” he says. “By harnessing the full power of the Industrial Internet, we can create a world where wind farms learn, adapt, and perform better tomorrow than they do today.”

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