Many construction-technology providers have been coming to market with new solutions, partnerships, and initiatives in order to help the industry connect disparate teams in order to increase productivity across a project. As these companies bring to market new ventures, construction companies will be able to share and track data throughout a job.

This week, Bentley Systems,, Exton, Pa., is the latest to announce the acquisition of two companies and the forthcoming Bentley CONNECT SaaS (software-as-a-service) environment that will allow infrastructure companies to connect enterprises, projects, content, and individuals with each other.

Bentley’s recent acquisition of SpecWave, which provides editing capabilities for specification writers, will bring specifications and modeling together, allowing users to create text objects that can be integrated with Bentley’s eB Insight—the foundation of Bentley’s AssetWise system of servers and services.

The acquisition will allow Bentley to offer new Bentley Specification Services that will enable specifications to be shared and tracked across projects, operations, and inspection teams.

Other Bentley CONNECT capabilities will include Bentley Connection Space, Bentley Simulation Services, and extensions of ProjectWise collaboration services and AssetWise asset lifecycle information management services.  Bentley CONNECT will also provide users with software updates, learning services, and more.

In addition to the acquisition of SpecWave and the forthcoming Bentley CONNECT, Bentley also announced this week the acquisition of EUResearch, which provides Microprotol—software for design and analysis of pressure vessels and heat exchangers. Bentley says the acquisition will allow it to extend its AutoPIPE product suite to include pipe-stress analysis and add capabilities to the OpenPlant software.

This also follows last week’s news that Bentley and Trimble,, Sunnyvale, Calif., have formed a new partnership that will allow for the exchange of information between Trimble’s field-positioning technologies such as robotic total stations, 3D laser scanners, and GNSS (global navigation satellite system) positioning solutions, and Bentley’s information modeling software.

Construction technology continues to advance, with big initiatives coming from software players such as Bentley Systems and Trimble. As the industry begins to prepare for the year ahead, it will be interesting to watch these initiatives unfold.