For homebuilders, the concept of BIM (building information modeling) is no longer simply about models. Rather, with new technologies on the market, residential construction companies are able to share data easily with architects, engineers, and even the component manufacturer.

This was a trend that was put into motion in the past few years, as MiTek,, Chesterfield, Mo., a provider of products and services for the building components industry, entered the residential technology space, with acquisitions and product development for builders. The technology allows team members to share data related to the 3D design.

Ever since MiTek made a move into the space, the industry has been moving toward offering new integrations for the supply chain in residential construction.

As a new example, last week, Hyphen Solutions,, Dallas, Texas, a provider of supply-chain management, collaboration, and scheduling solutions for builders and suppliers, announced a new integration layer with technology from BuilderMT,, Lakewood, Colo. This will include full connectivity to Microsoft accounting systems.

Felix Vasquez, president and CTO, Hyphen Solutions, explains its supply-chain communication platform is now connected to BuilderMT’s Workflow Management Suite, which will allow for full integration with backoffice systems such as Microsoft Dyanamics, Sage Timberline, and Explorer Trueline.

This is not the company’s first integration with homebuilding software. The supply-chain communication platform can also integrate with technology from Oracle,, Redwood City, Calif., and Constellation HomeBuilder Systems,, Markham, Ont.

Being able to share data between homebuilders and suppliers allows for improved operations, communications, and increased profitability for all partners involved.

As the residential homebuilding industry continues to rebound from the tough economic market, technology continues to advance. BIM is one area in particular builders can look at and determine how processes can be improved by implementing new technology in the future.