For the construction industry, connectivity is a top priority. However, for an industry that is often mobile and working in remote locations, connectivity can often be hard to come by. Enter Wilson Electronics,, St. George, Utah, a manufacturer of cellular signal boosters.

From CTIA 2014 in Las Vegas this past week, the company announced a new product called MobileMaxx 3G, which is an in-vehicle booster for North American consumers and business professionals looking for a reliable signal and connection no matter where they go.

Wilson says the new product not only extends signal range from cell towers by up to 60%, the booster can also preserve the battery life of devices by up to three hours.

Whether a construction project is in cornfields, cities, or tunnels, MobileMaxx 3G offers fewer dropped calls and faster data downloads on 3G networks. Because so many construction professionals rely on cellular connections to conduct business and stay in touch with colleagues while on the road, this type of reliable connection is key for many construction companies in today’s fast-paced world.

When calls are dropped or a signal unavailable, it’s not only frustrating, it can become an issue of productivity or even safety. For construction professionals who feel keeping in touch is particularly important, cellular boosters designed for in-vehicle use are a good option. Wilson’s MobileMaxx 3G booster will be available later this year.