February 2014

A confluence of factors is impacting the use of technology in the residential construction market: BIM (building in formation modeling), cloud, apps, mobile devices, and the need for data at the job site, to name a few. How data is consumed on a job is being driven more often by the workers at the job site. As this is happening, technology providers are responding by offering updates to technology packages that are redefining the role of software for residential homebuilders.

With a focus on the homebuilder, the past year has been very busy for many of the technology companies serving the residential construction market. Cloud and mobile are on the minds of many, and as such, technology vendors have come up with innovative ways to give homebuilders exactly what they need—data, where and when they need it most. This is evident among the companies that have been awarded the Constructech Top Products for 2014.

Each year, Constructech awards the most innovative technology in the construction industry with a Top Products award. When judging the Top Products, the editors take into consideration the backbone and core functionality of each platform, but also new functionality that will allow homebuilders to develop strategies around mobile, BIM, and collaboration. Top Products can fall within two categories: New Products or Trusted Products.

This year’s winners exemplify how the role of technology is being redefined in residential construction. How so? Consider the impact of cloud and mobile, as an example. The rise of these has caused many homebuilding organizations to seek out ways to access data using mobile devices. The challenge in the past has been many apps haven’t been integrated tightly with backend systems. This is beginning to change, however, as many technology providers are offering builders new ways to access data in the cloud.

While cloud and mobile are examples of how the use of technology in construction is changing, another area is BIM. Once considered primarily a tool to visualize a model in 3D, today’s builders need a way to share the data generated in the model with backoffice processes. Tech firms recognize this and are developing solutions to bridge the gap between the model and construction business processes.

And these are just a few examples of how technology is being redefined in homebuilding. We invite you to turn the page and read more about how each technology provider has created enhancements that will be sure to provide your construction company a competitive advantage in the year ahead.

Constructech staff

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