Jan/Feb 2014

How technology will redefine your mobile workforce in 2014.

“IT is no longer a backoffice function.” These words from Harvey Batra, director, information technology, The Truland Group, www.truland.com, Reston, Va., about the transformation occurring at his company sums up the technology transformation that is currently taking place across the construction industry in general.

The industry is moving away from the traditional way of thinking that construction software should be first and foremost for office workers. And the words that come next from Batra give a glimpse into what is to come for the construction industry: “IT is actually an enabling department where we go out to our workforce and ask them how can we enable you with realtime information through the right device or medium to empower you to make decisions.”

The use of technology in construction continues to evolve. Things like the cloud, mobile devices, apps, and more are all causing a shift in the way companies are looking at technology. New providers are entering the market and looking to offer collaborative, mobile solutions. Existing providers also recognize the trend and are updating products to suit the market. The result is an entirely new way of delivering technology.

How will these changes in technology impact business strategies for the year ahead and beyond? Frost & Sullivan, www.frost.com, San Antonio, Texas, says CIOs face a number of challenges including being able to manage BYOD (bring your own device) policies, ensuring network security, being able to handle Big Data, and creating a cloud strategy.

In fact, more than 70% of companies are implementing at least one mobile worker application in an effort to meet business goals. In essence, this all represents a paradigm shift of keeping up with the changing needs of the modern worker.

Certainly, for construction, big considerations will be linked to how companies manage and access data across both their organizations and projects. Such factors include selecting devices, apps, and software, as well as creating a strategy for the cloud. IT directors, company executives, and even project managers recognize this movement, and are preparing for the transition.

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