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Carol Stream, Ill. — June 16, 2015 — Cybersecurity breaches have had a devastating effect on many industries, and the construction industry has not been immune. What can businesses do to secure critical data?

Today Constructech magazine announces Seth Danberry, president, Grid32 Cyber Security, will address this topic at its annual Technology Day event on August 27 at Maggiano’s Little Italy in Schaumburg, Ill.

Danberry has 20 years of experience managing and securing technology infrastructures, lending support to numerous organizations. His expertise in cybersecurity education can help any company create a strategy for cybersecurity.

“The construction industry is considerably vulnerable to cyberattacks because it has not traditionally seen itself as a primary target for malicious hackers, and thus has not always focused on prevention and resiliency. However, all industries with Internet connected systems are being targeted, and the threat of financial and operational harm are real,” says Seth Danberry, president, Grid32 Security.

Peggy Smedley, editorial director, Constructech, adds, “Cyberattacks are getting more and more sophisticated and vicious in their attempts to sabotage. Thus, it’s critical that companies take the necessary steps to mitigate the direct threats.”

Companies don’t need to fall victim. Register for Technology Day to hear Danberry’s specific techniques for addressing cybersecurity in construction.

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