K&G (Kum & Go), www.kumandgo.com, West Des Moines, Iowa, is a convenience store chain located primarily in the Midwestern United States. With more than 430 convenience stores spread across 11 states, the company serves more than 480,000 customers daily.

The retailer of gasoline, snacks, and fresh food found that it needed construction management software that could overcome the geographical distance between its various projects and project teams.

Before adopting one, a vast majority of K&G’s project management was documented in separate spreadsheets. This made coordination between project teams cumbersome as managers constantly had to find the most recent spreadsheet, as well as ensure any changes made were propagated to all relevant parties in order to avoid misinformation.

To address communication and coordination challenges, construction management software from Projectmates, www.projectmates.com, Richardson, Texas, was brought on board to serve as Kum & Go’s central hub of project information, communication, and workflow.

Being cloud-based, the solution allows the Kum & Go team to access and update critical project information such as budgets and schedules from anywhere. In addition, Projectmates is accessible on any device featuring an Internet browser, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.

With Projectmates’ budget, K&G is able to track estimated, committed, anticipated, and actual costs in realtime for one project or across their entire construction program. “Projectmates closely matched our needs to manage all the project data in one system,” remarks Scott McGee, K&G’s director of construction. “Additionally, it was easy to utilize the system.”

With Projectmates document manager and automated workflow, issues such as tracking down the latest version or double entry are a thing of the past. Document versioning is automatic, allowing users to access both the latest and previous versions of drawings and specifications. Changes and project updates are communicated clearly to the entire team through user-friendly emails, individual “ball-in-court” tracking, and program reporting.

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