Construction companies are increasingly looking for IT solutions that bridge gaps and streamline workflow in areas from the field to human resources.

Organizations like Warren Equipment Co.,, Midland, Texas, have seen the results firsthand. Warren Equipment Co., comprises Warren CAT, Ignition Systems and Controls, SITECH Texoma, and PSP.

With a payroll service bureau that did not address most of its HCM (human-capital management) needs, the Warren Equipment Co., HR (human resource) team had faced many redundancies and inefficiencies, diverting time and money away from its core business.

The company’s goal was to find one comprehensive HCM solution that would bring strategic gains to employees and managers dispersed throughout many locations. When Warren Equipment was looking to outsource, it knew it was at a disadvantage because it had to rely on multiple processes and solutions for HR. As such, Warren Equipment Co., chose Ultimate Software,, Weston, Fla., UltiPro for its breadth of human resource and payroll capabilities to enhance HR service to managers and improve workforce analytics.

And now, thanks to UltiPro, Warren Equipment Co., will have a solution for managing all its people-related processes, from recruitment to retirement, including HR, payroll, and talent management, giving managers the convenience and added efficiency of one system of record to manage all workforce information. With UltiPro, Warren Equipment Co., will have a single ‘go-to’ place for all of human resources needs.

Now UltiPro pulls data across all areas of HCM, giving managers the information they need to make more strategic workforce decisions. And UltiPro’s reporting and business intelligence capabilities will enable Warren Equipment Co., to gain complete visibility and actionable insight into its entire workforce.

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