Use of cloud-based and mobile solutions in construction continues to move to the next level. Beyond trial stages and test projects, such technology continues to be adopted en masse across the market, with many construction firms reaffirming their commitment to running such solutions as critical pieces of their day-to-day operations.

For example, Clark Construction Group,, Bethesda, Md., recently announced it is renewing a companywide agreement for cloud-based mobile computing. Working with technology provider LATISTA Technologies,, Reston, Va., Clark will begin rolling out the latest version of the company’s iPad application. This builds on an established connection of more than 3,300 accounts running across more than 100 projects it has across the country.

Using the technology Clark notes the benefits around using such functions as integrated PDF inspection forms, which makes it easier to comment on and review critical documents from the field. Management of documentation, quality control, and commissioning efforts are also streamlined using the technology, according to Clark.

Such commitment continues to be justified by the software community as new mobile and Web-based products are rolling out on a continuous basis. Last month one of the latest made quite a big stir at Constructech’s Technology Day event in San Mateo, Calif., when Aconex,, San Bruno, Calif., unveiled Aconex Field. The new mobile and Web-based product aims to help contractors and project managers focus more on high-value direction and oversight rather than being tied down managing administrative tasks.

Aconex designed its product to be used on site through a downloadable iPad or iPhone app. It can also be used off site for access using devices that use a Web browser, such as a laptop. But this isn’t the company’s first foray into the mobile app world, having released Aconex Mobile for iPhone this past May, and Aconex Mobile for iPad this past September.

As builders and contractors continue to make long-term commitments to the technology and the software community goes down the path of development in this area, there is no telling just how useful such apps can ultimately become for construction. The next step will be uncovering new and innovative ways to apply the technology to critical tasks on a job.